Fire Rescue Packs

The ultimate portable rescue, firefighting and pumping solution.

By listening to our customers we were asked to develop a light , high capacity pumping system run at 16 amps but deliver maximum flow of 200l/min. The result was the Predator range which KPM then tested on our own race platform.

KPM not only design for performance but also robust construction and the ability to repair in the field in the rare situation that the product fails. When we said to a customer “you can throw this off a mountain “ we never thought that the customer would throw it off amountain. The predator still worked and did not leak.

With over 4000 predator units in operation globally the recorded failure rate is an astonishing 0.03% over 10 years . These small number are normally repaired and sent back into operation within a few days. KPM do not compromise on materials and quality since we know that people depend on our products to work first time every time. It’s a matter of Pride.


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