Innovating Safety at Sea

KPM-Marine has specialised in the design and manufacture of safety critical products for the marine and automotive industries, on a global basis for the last 20 years. All KPM-Marine products and designs have proven themselves time and time again in some of the most punishing applications imaginable and are now the first choice of work boat builders, military and rescue agencies throughout the world.


KPM-Marine design and manufacture a range of products for the marine industry. Seating, both crew and bridge, also shock mitigation jockey seats for RHIB. The PREDATOR range of bilge pumps are the industry standard. Engine room air management systems, which are complete units for fast fit. Sea strainers, full range of options. 2CUBED, a modular system for interior fit-out of work boats, survey vessels, dive vessels, sleeper units, workshop, medi-centre, floatels, container/port accommodation. Easy fast fit, easy change of layout, highest health and safety standards. 2Cubed Cabin habitation units, for a huge variety of uses – accommodation pod, survey station, storage facility. 2Cubed Cabin uses our UniTrack quick fit system for fast fit to vessel deck, uses only limited by your imagination. New products, this year are Intelli-Fender and DeckSafe. We continuously develop our full range of products, striving to produce the highest quality and safest products in the world for the marine market.

Design excellence

KPM-Marine products are designed with the end user in mind. They are the most reliable on the market. Safety is paramount plus user comfort. Products are low maintenance and can be easily repaired with the minimum of tools.

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Safety and comfort

KPM-Marine products have the highest safety standards, operational performance and striking design.

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KPM-Marine products are the most reliable on the market. Robust enough to meet the toughest conditions, easy to fit, easily maintained and as light as possible. These elements combine to give the maximum “up time” on the vessel and minimum cost of ownership over the lifetime of the product.

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