Engine Room Air Management Systems


KPM-Marine Engine Room Air Management Systems, have been designed to meet class specifications. Quick fitting to deck – plug and play design. They offer the work boat operator high levels of protection, low maintenance costs. They control air flow through the engine room and stop ingress of dirt and water. Air output units, keep the air flow through the engine room under complete control. Built in fire flap technology, provides total control over any mishap within the engine room.


Built-in stainless steel fire skirt to class specification, insulated in A60, hard faced and sealed with aluminium for wear protection. Heavy duty fire flap and release system for ease of use. Louvers backed by 6 layers of stainless steel mesh which act as a filter and vapour trap. This feature also meets USCG flash back specifications. Main cabinet manufactured from 3mm aluminium and powder coated to specified colour. Hinged louver panel for cleaning.

KPM air inputs have been designed to reduce cost of fitting. Integral unit can be bolted down to the deck onto deck ring. All cable and fittings are supplied in one integrated unit. Easy retrofit or upgrade. All systems are made to DNV requirements.

Build Options

Dimensions to suit application on boat, all configurations possible.

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