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24v Submersible Pumps.

KPM-Marine Predator Bilge Pumps are the pumps of choice for work boat operators.

Fantastic flow rate, fully servicable.

Full range of options available.

Emergency fire hose and deck wash.

The class tested KPM-Marine Bilge Predator has been designed for the commercial boat sector, and its specification derived by market research with customers. Apart from out performing any other electric pump on the market, the Bilge Predator has also been designed to be versatile with muti-purpose capability. Although the basic pump will be mounted in a fixed position, it can also be released and used elsewhere by an optional power extension lead. The pump could be used for fire fighting, deck wash, or as a back up pump for a flooded chamber or boat in need of rescue. The Bilge Predator`s versatility and reliability is endless.




24v Submersible Pumps.

The KPM-Marine Predator has become the industry standard work boat bilge pump. A majority of pumps are installed on DNV-GL and other class vessels. The high flow rate and ruggedness of the Predator makes it the ultimate “get you home” product.

Flow rates – 250l/min at 0m head and 10m of suction hose, 200l/min at 3m head and 10m of suction hose, 180l/min at 7m head and 10m of suction hose. Note: flow will be determined by the type of hose used and any bends in the system.

Motor – 24v dc 350w 3100 rpm motor max current draw of 10A under full load torque of 1.1Nm. Mean operating torque of 0.72Nm with current draw<16amps. No load current draw 1.2 amps. IP 56 CE certified.

Impeller – Hybrid vane and stainless turbine delivers high pressure smooth pumping. Stainless turbine designed to macerate solids and paper in emergency situations where floating debris may be encountered.

Casing – Robust aluminium waterproof casing hard anodised and powder coated in rescue orange. The whole pump is non-conductive and will not leak current. 24 volt light indicator. Supplied with 4 metre marine grade power cable (optional 12m and lanyard for emergency). Quick release bracket for ease of removal for either rescue or inspection. Whole unit is totally repairable. All cables etc are fully potted for total waterproofing.

Easy mounting – Quick release hard anodised bracket for ease of removal for either rescue or inspection. Bracket base weld able to hull or bulkhead.

Wire and electrics – All power wire is 2.5mm marine grade and tinned to BS6883 sw4. Float switch wire 1.5mm 3 core marine grade and tinned to BS6883 sw4. Connections when option supplied IP68 rated at 32A at 600v ac/dc. Cable glands are IP68. Warranty 1 year.

Run dry capability – The pump and motor has been tested under run dry conditions for 24 hours without damage to the pump and its components.

Continuous running – The pump has been tested for 5 days without effect to the pump. The motor will not overheat but there will be an amperage increase of 2 amps under these conditions unless the whole pump is covered in water.

Air Locks – There is an air lock bleed in the main pump chamber. If however an air lock is encountered, turn the pump on for about 10 seconds, turn off then on again. This switching will eliminate the air lock and the pump will start flowing at its specified pump rate.



Build Options

KPM-Marine have a full range of different options, to suit each vessel build.

The KPM-Marine Predator deep reach 350 – The Predator deep reach 350 has been developed for residual and mass removal of bilge water where access to the bilges is limited or tight. This pump can be mounted above the floor with access cut for the main pipe. This pump can be supplied in any length between 1000mm and 100mm to customer specifications. Features include: Powerful 350 watt motor, 3 metres of marine grade cable, flat bottom pump unit, robust mounting bracket. DNV Batch approved Part No: KPM350.

Scavenger 350 – The KPM-Marine Scavenger 350 has been developed for residual and mass removal of bilge water where high pump rates and robustness are vital in V bottom boats. Features include: Powerful 500 watt motor, 3 metres of marine grade cable, coned access to get into bilges, robust mounting bracket, IP68 connector or junction box, two level float switch optional. DNV Batch aproved Part No: KPM350S, KPM350SF.




KPM-Marine Predator – the best bilge pump on the market today.

Tough, durable, fully servicable, amazing flow rate, full range of options, DNV Batch certified.

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The KPM-Marine Non Return Valve has been designed to ensure maximum flow from the Predator. CNC machined from aluminium, hard anodised and powder coated, the valve is the most robust on the market. The open area of the valve is 2 times larger than the initial pipe diameter. The crack pressure of the valve is 0.1 bar so that when loaded with a head of water the valve will always open. The flapper valve is maintenance free and made from water board approved EPDM for extra life. Sizes available: 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ pipe inside diameters. Part No:KPMNRV

90 Degree Elbows – The KPM-Marine 90 degree elbow is useful where bend radii on pipes are not possible. Commonly used with skin fittings. Sizes available: 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ inside diameters. Part No:KPM90EL

Skin fittings – The KPM-Marine range of skin fittings have been designed to ensure maximum flow from the KPM Predator. These units can be used with retaining nut or welded directly onto the hull. Sizes available: Hose tail version 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ pipe I/D, full threaded version 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ BSP. Part No:KPMASKH KPMASKT