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5th October 2020 - New Brochure Added!!!!!

Please find our new brochure here

with HRH Prince Andrew KPM has specialized in the design and manufacture of safety critical products for the marine and automotive on a global basis for the last 18 years. All KPM products and designs have proven themselves time and time again in some of the most punishing applications imaginable and are now the first choice of work boat builders, military and rescue agencies throughout the world.

KPM engineers and designers never accept the norm and are always looking for new ways to meet the challenges of the modern marine market. KPM's primary design objective is to ensure that all KPM products are the most reliable on the market and require less maintenance. In the unlikely event of a failure the products are designed to be easily repaired with the minimum of tools in hostile environments.

All KPM products are designed and manufactured in house using Solid Works Cad systems and 4 axis CNC machining. Our commitment to Total Quality is shown in our strict batch traceability and serial number system which ensure that our products always meet the highest standards.

Our after market service also sets industry standards, e.g. our 1 year warranty on our predator bilge pumps. The KPM ethos is that our customers rely on our products for their safety and business. Therefore continuous improvement is an ongoing process in our business to ensure our goal of providing you with the best product on the market.


KPM marine is the trading brand of MA Lloyd which has been in business for over 160 years at the same site in Birmingham. Started by Mary Ann Lloyd the business specialised in stationary equipment for the British Empire. The factory diversified in the manufacture of Spitfire parts and motorcycles during the war years. Unbelievably most of the tooling still exists for these products as do some of the machines. Some of the products such as deed and ballot boxes are still made to this day. KPM with its modern equipment and skills continues to build upon this heritage.