Shock Mitigation Seating

The TSM pedestal seat gives the user three forms of shock mitigation, not just one as with other shock mitigation seats currently available. The Primary System is a shock absorber, which, when adjusted to a higher position, changes the angle of attack of the shock absorber and increases its force. In doing so the seat is adjustable to different Body mass Indexes affording greater comfort to the user.

Beyond this there is the Secondary Shuffle System which allows for lateral or sideways impacts and reduces side jerks and twists that are a major cause of injuries. The Tertiary part of the system is shock mitigation foam. This is a Hybrid Air Cushioning Foam System (HACS) which reduces pressure points, low amplitude frequencies and vibrations. Seat design and non slip Toughtec neoprene provides a secure base to maintain a neutral spine position.

Seat (Tertiary Mitigation)

  • Protects Vertical impact to lower spine and coccyx.
  • Seat design and ToughTec neoprene aids Neutral Spine position.
  • Mitigation Foam Isolates multi frequency vibration and amplification.
  • Increased lateral security.
  • Side supports work in conjunction with shuffle system to reduce lateral whiplash.

Shuffle System
(Secondary Mitigation)

  • Mitigates longitudinal and lateral impacts in three dimensions.
  • Progressive cushioning in vertical plane.
  • Reduces small amplitude frequencies which cause stress and fatigue found in whole body vibrations.
  • Reduces Frequency amplification.

Adjustable Height & Shock
Suspension (Primary Mitigation)

  • 150mm of progressive travel with spring damper.
  • Three level adjustable shock absorber for different weights.
  • Automatic Body Mass Index compensation for weight when height of seat base is increased.
  • 75mm height adjustment.
  • Progressive return stroke to eliminate catapulting out of seat and whiplash.

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