Engine Pumps

KPM Pump technology has been developed to reduce ownership cost and exceed SOLAS requirements. KPM's unique pump features are a result of 5 years' research and development and partnership with their customers.

Re-useable Gaskets:
All seals are Viton Rubber and will give high performance sealing over extended periods of time.
Reduced Damage from Solids:
Run Dry Porting Technology TM (RDPT) allows run dry capability with optimum flow and no damage by sand or solids.
High Quality Seals
All seals are double lip and fully encapsulated to stop corrosion. Most applications have two double lip seals.
Stainless Bearings
All bearings are over specified stainless steel /rubber sealed for protection and long service life at sea. Double and rear bearings are configured in heavy duty applications.
Lightweight and
Corrosion Resistant

All KPM Endurance Pumps TM are machined from solid billet T6 aluminium and coated with 50 microns of hard anodising with silicon surface impregnation. Since the coating is a dielectric no current can flow to give galvanic reaction.
Run Dry Exceeds SOLAS
All KPM pumps will run dry with standard Neoprene and Nitrile impellers. No removal tools required to replace the impeller.
Impeller after 40 run dry cycles

Replaceable Liner
Internal Cam sleeve can be replaced when worn. made from bronze or Hard coat alloy. Competitors liners are plastic.

Reduced Endplate Wear
TIBS TM impeller seal faces reduce friction , increase long term sealing and cut horse power consumption by 70%. These seals also wipe the shaft and stop grit reaching the seals.

Flow Rates

All flexible impeller pumps loose flow as the head pressure increases due to deflection of the rubber impeller. KPM pumps are designed to give optimum flow at 3500 rpm with a pressure of around 14.5–17.5 PSI, in order to give greatest cooling whilst going onto the plane at which point engine torque is the highest. At 18 PSI natural force flow is allowed by KPM By Pass porting technology at which point the pump is not delivering the main flow, but from the natural flow created from the forward motion of the vessel. As a result pump horse power and wear reduces significantly.

Beta Marine
KPM40-17 Mil Spec

The KPM40-17 pump has been specifically developed for Beta Marine for heavy commercial use where reliability and reduced service times are demanded by the customer. Existing clients include fishing vessels which beach or sit on tidal moorings and as such need to endure run dry capability and sand ingestion.
Beta Marine
KPM10-14 Mil Spec

Flange mounted pump.

Big Block Chevy
and Oldsmobile
KPM102, KPM103 and KPM105

Please contact us for details.
Big Block Chevy
and Oldsmobile

Please contact us for details.

Big Block Chevy
and Oldsmobile

Please contact us for details.
Fisher Panda
KPM10-18 Mil Spec

Panda generator pump. Fits Beta Marine. Please contact Fisher Panda for details.

KPM80-01 Mil Spec

Scania 14/16L. Please contact us for details.
Ilmore MV10
KPM2006 Mil Spec

Direct replacement pump for the Ilmore MV10 range of engines, with all the benefits of the KPM run dry technology.

Mercruiser and Mercury
KPM112 Mil Spec

Replaces pump part numbers:
Jabsco – 43210-0001
Quicksilver – 46-72744-A32
Mercruiser – 46-807151-A9
Mercury – 46-807151-A9/A8/A2
Mercruiser and Mercury
KPM102 Mil Spec

Replaces pump part numbers:
Jabsco – 43210-0001
Quicksilver – 46-72744-A32
Mercruiser – 46-807151

Onan Generator KPM40-05 Mil Spec
Direct replacement pump for the Onan Generator G1006.
Volvo Penta KPM2008 Crank Pump Mil Spec
Replaces part numbers:
Volvo – 826456, 3860703, 50410-1201, 841460
Johnson – 10-24232-1, 10-24228-1, 1024076-01
Jabsco – 227401/23800 series, 22110/22400/50410
Sierra – 18-3597
Aquapower – 2282/2283
Vortech – 4300, 5000, 5700
Indemar – 6685001

Volvo Penta
KPM2010/11 Diesel Crank Pump Mil Spec

Replaces part numbers:
Volvo – 831178, 8383141, 842843, 858469, 85870,838522, 3581558, 860629
Johnson – 10-24061, 10-24277, 1024394, 10-24524-01, 1024130
Volvo Penta
KPM2012 MD22 Mil Spec

The KPM MD22 pump has been developed especially from the experiences of members of the Moody Owners Club. The pump uses the existing bracket setup, pulley and impeller type.
Replaces part numbers:
Volvo – All MD22 based engines but also AQD21, 2003T, MD22T, V6 Petrol
Jabsco – 29500-1001

Yanmar 4 Series
KPM2005 Mil Spec

Direct replacement pump for the Yanmar 4 series engines. Supplied with pipe adaptor kit to allow easy installation.
Yanmar 6LP

Direct replacement for Yanmar 6LP pump.

Yanmar and Lambardini
KPM10-14 Mil Spec

Fits Yanmar and Lombardini engines. Please contact us for full application range.
Replaces part number:
Jabsco – 29470-2531C 05J